The 54’ Auxiliary sloop SONNY was built in 1935 by the Jacobs Yard in City Island, New York. In 2007 she returned from the Mediterranean to compete in the classic boat circuit in Newport, RI. Upon the completion of the racing season, SONNY backed into our shop for a partial structural restoration. The crew spent that winter removing the galley and foc’cle and steam bending in 20 white oak frames, rebuilding the mast partner truss and refastening the hull.

In 2011, SONNY came back to EPB to reframe the aft third of the hull. Unlike the re-framing performed in 2007, limited access prevented the traditional steam bending of frames, instead the crew laminated in new white oak frames and fastened them with a combination of silicon bronze plank fasteners and copper rivets. In the winter of 2014, SONNY's deck was re-fastened and the deck caulking was reefed out and replaced. Since returning from the Mediterranean, SONNY has been successfully campaigning in the classic yacht regattas in Newport and New England and has the hardware to prove it.