SANTANA was designed by Sparkman & Stephens and built in 1935 by Wilmington Boat Works in Wilmington, CA. She was originally designed and built as a stay’sl schooner but was converted to a yawl a few years after her launch in the late 1930’s. She remained a yawl until 1999 when she underwent a partial restoration and was changed back to a schooner rig. In 2014, Santana was transported across country from California to Rhode Island where with Loughborough Marine Interests [LMI] brought on East Passage Boatwrights [EPB] along with a talented group of RI based builders for the full restoration of SANTANA.

The structural restoration on SANTANA was extensive and EPB was named lead shipwights for the project. A total of 90% of the original steam bent white oak frames were replaced with laminated frames of the same species. Because of electrical corrosion at the diagonal bronze strapping in the areas of the original schooner mast locations, the entire length of the hull was re-planked with genuine Mahogany. When she came to Portsmouth, the original deck from 1935 was still installed and it had been reduced in thickness from 1-1/4” to ½” in some areas. Although all of the deck beams needed to be replaced, the sheer clamp and beam shelf were able to be re-used. Upon the completion of the deck installation, EPB manufactured new bulwarks, caprails and located and installed the deck hardware. New Sitka Spruce spars were constructed and the sail plan was converted back to a yawl rig.

The restoration of this magnificent yacht was competed in May of 2016 and she was launched in Portsmouth, RI. SANTANA will join the fleet of other historical Sparkman & Stephens yachts that call New England home including SONNY and DORADE.