Batten Sockets

A dingy cover is only as good as the support system that is provided by the boat. The problem with traditionally built wooden dinghies is that the scantlings are often too delicate in install any of the “off the shelf” batten holders. The problems continue once the cover is off and the hardware remains; breaking up the classic look of the boat and leaving an uncomfortable obstruction.

To combat this problem East Passage developed a line of bronze batten socket that fits into the boats' existing oarlocks. The attached lanyard helps secure the hardware to the boat while the cover is in place, secure enough to take the trailer over the road. Once the cover is removed, the batten sockets are easily removed from the oarlocks leaving nothing to get in your way.

These solid cast bronze batten sockets come in two different types. The latest version has a set screw to secure the batten into the hardware. This is ideal for dinghies stowed on the deck of a boat or anywhere near the water where there is a danger of the hardware being lost overboard. The original version has no retaining screw and is perfect for all dinghies that are stowed on a trailer.

This handcrafted hardware has been reviewed in WoodenBoat Magazine and featured in Classic Boat.

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