IYRS Conversations: Seth Hagen & Carter Richardson

Hagen Richardson Boatbuilding Restoration ProgramConversation with Seth Hagen, ‘02 and Carter Richardson, 04’, IYRS alums who have beat the start-up odds, including through a tumultuous recession, and established a business with an impressive following.

A little more than ten years ago, Hagen and Richardson completed the Boatbuilding & Restoration Program – Hagen a home builder and carpenter and Richardson a Navy man. Today, through great craft and good business acumen, they are the proud owners of East Passage Boatwrights, a young business with an impressive list of yacht stewardship, including Dorade, Santana, Sonny, Rebecca, and Whitehawk. Hagen is now also a member of the IYRS Board of Trustees. The two sat down to discuss their path, challenges ahead, and why more than half their staff are other IYRS graduates.

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